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Sector Apparel has its corporate headquarters in Durban, South Africa. 1000 square metres has been acquired to accommodate the rapidly expanding activities and continued growth of the subsidiary companies.


The design and development of all licensed apparel products is done in-house through specifically dedicated design and development teams. 


A self contained sample set is responsible for the processing of all prototype samples, selling samples and pre-production samples. This facility is fully integrated with the activities of the pattern and grading department, ensuring that all samples comply with bulk requirements.



The Sector warehousing facilities are located in close proximity to the head office and occupy a newly built self owned building boasting floor space in excess of 4,000 square metres.


The facility incorporates a sophisticated stock maintenance 

system that is integrated with the companies accounting system, as well as machinery components, including reach trucks, automated pallet jacks and bay specific stock control.


All raw material and finished goods receipted into this facility are inspected to ensure a strict compliance with quality standards. The facility currently processes in excess of 700 000 apparel pieces annually.


Given the wide variety of categories and styles that international brands encompass, it has become increasingly important to develop relationships with dedicated, ethical and reliable sub-contractors.

The Sector Group employs a dedicated team for the initiation and grading of all patterns and the supply of all production markers to the various South African based production units. Each sub-contractor is legally bound to protect all intellectual property and brand ownership by a lengthy and in depth sub-contractors agreement.

Relationships with many of the group’s subcontractors are so close that ownership of certain production lines and certain facilities rest solely with the Sector Group to fill and maintain on a permanent basis. 

The Sector Group employs an in-house shipping department allowing for greater efficiencies in the consolidation and forwarding of shipments into South Africa.



The impeccable reputation that the Sector Group has established in recent years has been founded largely on a platform of outstanding 

quality. Accordingly, quality assurance is a key focus and a dedicated quality assurance department has been structured to ensure a continuous level of exceptional quality.

All fabrics and raw materials utilised are subjected to the most stringent quality tests, including colour fastness, rub fastness, shrinkage, dimensional stability and tensile strength to name but a few. 


The Group’s numerous quality assurance managers visit all the manufacturing entities on a regular basis to ensure a strict adherence to specified quality standards in production. In addition, post production, quality audits are conducted on all styles in the group’s warehouse facility.


Sector Apparel has had great success in Southern Africa. We have an excellent reputation both internationally and locally which can be attributed to the following philosophies:

  • We investigate and understand the target market thoroughly.

  • We remain true to the brand’s integrity and philosophies.

  • We don’t try to be anything we’re not.

  • We always keep core consumers passionate about the brand.

  • We ensure quality control of locally produced and imported goods before distribution.

  • We keep the brands exclusive.

  • We ensure the brands are sold in stores that have positive credibility and synergy with the brands identity.

  • We ensure that the sales agents who represent our brands are knowledgeable and lifestyle conscious and always maintain the products identity in-store through window displays, merchandising etc.

  • We establish and maintain the best possible local figureheads and brand ambassadors for the brand.

  • We have fun and enjoy what we do.

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